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25 July 2007
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Australian Beer elected President 

An Australian research scientist has been elected President of the
international body that guides research into the nature of our planet. 

Dr Tom Beer, a senior scientist with CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric
Research and an expert in environmental risk, will steer the
International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG) until 2011.

The IUGG is a union of eight associations in the fields of meteorology,
oceanography, volcanology, seismology, hydrology, geomagnetic science,
geodesy and cryospheric science. 

"The union fosters collaborative research and information exchange
between Earth scientists in 68 countries," says Dr Beer. "It also
encourages the application of this research to societal needs, such as
mineral resources, mitigation of natural hazards and environmental

The Council of the IUGG voted in favour of having their next General
Assembly in Melbourne in 2011. "I am proud that an Australian President
is going to be able to host IUGG in Australia, which attracts attendance
by some 5000 Earth scientists from around the world," Dr Beer said.

The President of the Australian Academy of Science, Professor Kurt
Lambeck, who nominated Dr Beer, welcomed the announcement of Dr Beer's
four-year term. "Dr Beer has had a long association with the IUGG. He
was the founding Chair of the IUGG Commission on Geophysical Risk and
Sustainability, and most recently was IUGG Vice President. He will make
an outstanding President."

Dr Beer is a Stream Leader in the Transport Theme of the Energy
Transformed Flagship of CSIRO. He won the CSIRO Chairman's medal in 2000
for his work as part of a team examining greenhouse gas emissions from
low-emission vehicles. He is the author of twelve books, one which has
been translated into Chinese, and has published more than 150 articles
in peer-reviewed journals.

Dr Greg Ayers, Chief of CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research,
congratulated Dr Beer on his appointment. "As well as his scientific
expertise, Tom's extensive experience in developing countries, including
a review of oceanographic programs in ASEAN countries and an examination
of Thailand's greenhouse strategy, will provide the background needed to
help the IUGG coordinate information exchange between scientists around
the world."

Australian scientist, Ian Allison from the Australian Antarctic
Division, also became President-elect of the IUGG's newest constituent
Association - the International Association of Cryospheric Sciences.
This is the first time in 85 years that the IUGG has agreed to the
formation of a new Association. 

"I am keen to work with the new International Association of Cryospheric
Sciences and believe that their joining the seven other International
Associations that used to form the IUGG will produce a stronger and more
relevant Scientific Union," said Dr Beer.

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