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17 September 2007 
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'Moth makeover' book wins literary prize

Usually regarded as being the drab cousins of more exotic butterflies,
Australia's moths have been given a 'makeover' in a new book published

The book; A Guide to Australian Moths by Paul Zborowski and Ted Edwards,
has won a Whitley Awards Certificate of Commendation for the best
zoological guide published in Australia in 2007.

"This book is the first well-illustrated guide to Australian moths and
puts paid to the general perception of moths as drab and unspectacular,"
says Mr Edwards - a Post Retirement Fellow at CSIRO Entomology. "The
wonderful colour photos by Paul Zborowski feature living moths in their
natural habitats and make an enormous contribution to the book.

"Mr Zborowski is an entomologist and renowned photographer who has
published a number of insect reference works including the Whitley Award
winning; Field Guide to Insects of Australia," he says. 

Mr Edwards - who has studied Australian moths for more than 30 years at
CSIRO's Australian National Insect Collection (ANIC) in Canberra - says
the book is a fascinating introduction to the extraordinary diversity of
Australian moths.

Featuring all the major moth families, A Guide to Australian Moths is
aimed at a general readership. It includes information on unusual
aspects of moth biology and highlights the environmental role of moths
and their importance to humans.

"There are more than 20 000 moth species in Australia and their diverse
biologies and lifestyles are all there - from the famous Witjuti grubs
to the migratory bogong moths and much, much more," Mr Edwards says.

The Whitley Awards are presented annually by the Royal Zoological
Society of New South Wales for outstanding publications on Australian

A Guide to Australian Moths is published by and available from CSIRO

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