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17 September 2007 
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Aussie fly identification CD wins award
Summer is approaching and with it will come our ubiquitous flies. But
there is a lot more to flies than those that provoke our great Aussie

The CD - On the Fly: The Interactive Atlas and Key to Australian Fly
Families - which provides a simple way to identify fly families and
learn about their biology, has been awarded a Whitley Award

"I am so pleased that the team has received recognition for the great
work they did," says project coordinator and CSIRO Entomology fly
expert, Dr David Yeates . "The CD was a truly collaborative effort
between CSIRO, the Australian Museum, University of Queensland,
University of California (Davis) USA and University of Guelph, Canada."

Dr Yeates says that On the Fly contains many features that make it an
invaluable tool for amateur and professional entomologists, biology
students and teachers, conservation and land managers and environmental
consultants. "In fact it should be of interest to anyone interested in
the natural world." he says,

With an easy to use interface, the CD includes:
*	an atlas of fly anatomy with zoom facility
*	information on the importance of flies and how to collect them
*	keys to all families of Australian flies and information on
their biology
*	more than 500 photographs and drawings.

On the Fly is published jointly by the Australian Government's
Australian Biological Resources Study (ABRS) and the University of
Queensland's Centre for Biological Information Technology (CBIT).

"Australia abounds in Diptera - the true flies," Dr Yeates says. "Yet
only about 20 per cent of an estimated 30,000 species have been

"The biology and behaviour of flies are extremely diverse. Some recycle
nutrients. Others are predators or parasites or pollinators. Some are
important pests, some are vectors of disease and yet others are used in
biological control. All in all they are an essential part of our

The Whitley Awards are presented annually by the Royal Zoological
Society of New South Wales for outstanding publications on Australian

The CD On the Fly: The Interactive Atlas and Key to Australian Fly
Families is available from CBIT at
Image available at:
Further Information:
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	02 6246 4282 david.yeates at csiro.au
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