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17 September 2007
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Grazing land management for better beef and reef

Sustainable land management should become easier for the Burdekin
region's farmers and land managers with a practical information pack,
produced by the CSIRO and Queensland Department of Primary Industries
and Fisheries, delivered to about 1200 property owners in the region

Sustainable grazing, which includes practices such as wet season
spelling, has been shown to improve pasture condition and economic
profitability. It also shows promise as a key strategy to reduce the
loss of sediments and nutrients in run-off to the Great Barrier Reef. 

"We are undertaking significant research throughout Northern Queensland
to help understand the link between land management and reef health," Dr
David Post of CSIRO said.

"Extensive monitoring and data collection from a variety of locations in
the Burdekin catchment have shown that conservative stocking and wet
season spelling improves ground cover and has the potential to help
reduce water, sediment and nutrient loss to rivers and the reef.
Economic modelling suggests that there will be long-term financial
benefits for land owners as well.

"One Burdekin grazier has said that the ability to control grazing has
improved the composition and density of the pasture and reduced soil
loss along his stream frontages." 

The information pack, "Managing Recovery - Tools for Sustainable Grazing
in the Burdekin Catchment", represents over eight years of research
conducted by the CSIRO and the Queensland Department of Primary
Industries and Fisheries, in conjunction with Meat & Livestock

With useful, informative diagrams and clear, concise language, the
information pack consists of four parts, each highlighting a different
aspect of sustainable grazing:
1.	Saving for a rainy day - discusses how you can make the most use
out of every drop of rain that falls on your property
2.	The patchy path to recovery - shows how pasture recovers under
sustainable grazing
3.	Wet season spelling - provides an overview of implementing wet
season spelling
4.	ABCD land condition framework - presents the characteristics of
land in different condition classes for easy classification

Information pack: www.csiro.au/resources/ManagingRecovery.html

More information: www.clw.csiro.au/publications/science/2006/sr62-06.pdf

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