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GRDC Media Release -- 19.09.07




Prospective Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) research
partners should log on to the GRDC website to tender their application and
help ensure Australian graingrowers have the technologies and practices to
compete globally.


The GRDC's 2008-09 Investment Plan can be accessed at HYPERLINK
"http://www.grdc.com.au/"www.grdc.com.au and is now open to tenders.


GRDC Western Region Panel Chairman and Kojonup, WA grower, Neil Young said
commercialising research outputs made new and improved technology and crop
varieties available to Australian growers as quickly and cost effectively as


"While the overall Investment Plan addresses national research developments,
many of the projects are WA specific," he said.


Western region projects focus on water use efficiency, integrated weed
management strategies, herbicide tolerance for break crops, preventative
disease management strategies, frost calibration, exploratory practices and
technical workshops.


Mr Young said the GRDC planned to invest in 'Water Use Efficiency'
initiative projects across the western region.


"This will integrate better crop production practices and technologies into
full cropping or mixed farming systems to improve water use efficiency at
the crop and farming system levels," he said.


Improved integrated weed management strategies, with more consistently
reliable and effective management tactics, are also in the Plan.


"This involves identifying the impact of cultural and chemical control of
emerging weed threats, including winter crop weeds such as barley grass,
wild radish and mallow and summer weeds such as fleabane and salsola," Mr
Young said.


Other WA projects include broadening current herbicide mode of action
options in pulse break crops to ensure good weed control in the 'non-cereal'


"Preventative disease management projects include improved in-furrow disease
control options to reduce disease inoculum loads and provide lower cost
disease control in cereal crops," he said.


Providing frost calibrations that accurately reflect field chilling
conditions will lead to more efficient selection of wheat and barley
varieties for frost tolerance.


The GRDC is supporting enhanced communication and extension activities
between private agronomists, agribusiness and local growers in targeted
western region areas.


"We're also planning to invest in six individual western region projects on
specific tactical issues such as soil health, crop nutrition, rotations,
spray application and identifying and managing cereal diseases," Mr Young


Other projects will deliver specialised, co-ordinated technical information
packages for advisers to more effectively communicate cutting edge research
to end users. 


"Since GRDC's investments depend on final grain production for 2007-08,
hopefully growers will have a better season than last year, so that we can
make appropriate investments with our research partners to achieve desired
outcomes," Mr Young said.


The 2008-09 Investment Plan is available on the GRDC website at HYPERLINK
"http://www.grdc.com.au/"www.grdc.com.au and tenders close October 4, 2007.



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