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26 September 2007
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Joint venture to strengthen cotton breeding

CSIRO Plant Industry and Cotton Seed Distributors Ltd (CSD) today
announced the Cotton Breeding Australia joint venture, to fund cotton
breeding and targeted research for a 10-year initial term.

Both parties will contribute $2 million per annum for research, with CSD
also co-funding the cotton breeding work previously co-funded by the
Cotton Research and Development Corporation (CRDC). 

The first stage of Cotton Breeding Australia has already commenced with
CSD funding the addition of a new breeder to CSIRO's Narrabri breeding

"Cotton Breeding Australia will see an increase in investment in cotton
breeding and research, of approximately $40 million over the 10-year
period," says CSIRO Plant Industry Chief, Dr Jeremy Burdon.

"It's a great example of the RDC model developing research to a point
where it can be more directly funded by industry without an additional
grower levy or government funding."

CSD is a grower-based company and has worked with CSIRO Plant Industry
since the 1980s to develop and deliver high quality cotton varieties for
the industry.

"The company has reached a point where it's able to reinvest into cotton
specific projects and research," says CSD Managing Director, Peter
 "Cotton Breeding Australia will strengthen the long and effective
partnership between CSD and CSIRO. CSIRO-bred cotton varieties are
world-leading, and the increased research spend this initiative will
introduce, will keep them there," Mr Graham says.

CSIRO and CSD recognise the very important contribution that CRDC and
the Australian Cotton Growers Research Association (ACGRA) have made to
the Australian cotton breeding program to date, and look forward to the
continuation of this contribution.

CSIRO-bred cotton varieties currently represent over 90 per cent of the
Australian market and are well represented around the world. 

Key areas for the breeding and research program include yield/quality
improvements, drought and climate change tolerance, water use efficiency
and disease tolerance. 

CSD will also be funding additional capital expenditure to ensure that
the increased breeding and research work has adequate resources to
effectively bring the outcomes to the market.

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