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WHY WIDE ROWS?: GRDC supported research on wide row cropping of lupins by
Martin Harries and Dr Bob French of DAFWA, indicates that for WA's northern
agricultural region, lupins can be sown in wide rows, 50 centimetres apart,
without compromising yield.


Dr French said crops sown in wide rows are often taller than those in narrow
rows, allowing easier and more efficient harvest in low rainfall
environments where crops are often short.


"Wide row crops grow more slowly and use less water early in the year,
leaving more water in the soil for later grain fill," Dr French said.


"While this is often an advantage in dry environments it can limit yield
potential when rainfall is not limiting.


 "Our research shows that wide rows only confer a yield advantage in lupins
when yield potential is less than two tonnes per hectare."


Dr French reports that as weeds are more difficult to control in wide row
cropping, growers should choose paddocks with low weed burdens, or apply
herbicides between rows, using a shielded sprayer.

Contact: Dr Bob French, Tel 08 9081 3126


R-RATED AND OUT NOW: With GRDC support, National Variety Trials (NVT)
implemented a standardised approach to disease resistance ratings to provide
uniformity across Australia.


NVT CEO, Alan Bedggood said the new alpha system (VS-R) replaces the
numerical system (1-9) with the intent of avoiding confusion.


"Breeders and marketers will show the alpha rating in their variety
brochures and state agriculture departments will use them in sowing guides,"
Mr Bedggood said.


Varieties previously rated as resistant had values of 7, 8 or 9 depending on
the state where the information was sourced.


Now resistant varieties are rated "R", susceptible varieties "S" and the
modifiers "V" for very and "M" for moderately will also be applied.


Further information on disease ratings, including grower management
decisions, is available from HYPERLINK
"http://www.nvtonline.com.au/"www.nvtonline.com.au Click on National Disease
Ratings Guide in the right panel.

Contact: Alan Bedggood, Tel 03 5382 7200

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