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15 April 2008 

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Qld farmers invited to help protect biodiversity 

CSIRO researchers and Terrain Natural Resource management invite
landholders to a workshop in Mission Beach in north Queensland on
Saturday, 19 April, to participate in a research study looking at the
use of financial incentives for incorporating revegetation and habitat
protection into property management plans.

Auctions - also known as competitive tenders - are a potential new
method for allocating conservation funds among landholders.

The research project aims to adapt these tenders so they can be used for
conservation at the landscape scale.

"With the help and participation of farmers and other landholders, we
can hopefully design tender processes which are more attractive to them
and which also offer better protection to the ecosystems upon which the
longer term sustainability of their properties and region relies," said
Dr Andrew Reeson of CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems.

"For example, for large species like the cassowary, it is important to
connect conservation areas across the landscape, rather than conserving
isolated pockets of habitat.

"This is made all the more important by climate change, which is
predicted to force many species to adjust their range by moving across

CSIRO's research is utilising new advances in competitive tender
processes and computer programs that will improve coordination issues,
but they need the assistance and participation of landholders to ensure
that it is relevant in the real world.

"The workshop will allow our researchers to test a novel form of
competitive tender, while landholders will benefit by learning about
auctions and how these new methods could apply to them in the future,"
Dr Reeson said.

The workshop will be held from 9.30am to 12.30pm on Saturday 19 April in
the C4 theatrette, Porter Promenade, Mission Beach (next to Visitor
Information Centre). A free lunch will be provided to all participants.

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