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Not just trucks: logistics delivers the goods

With Australia's logistics sector representing about 10 per cent of GDP,
there is a lot more to the sector than trucks.
Integrating complex networks of suppliers is the focus of a CSIRO and
Logistics Association of Australia (LAA) course next month which gives a
US and Australian perspective on the science of logistics.

The course, 'Integrated Logistics and Supply Chain Management', will be
held in Sydney on 28-30 May and brings world-leading researchers in
logistics to 'deliver the goods' to supply chain and logistics
executives in Australia.

International speakers include Lew Roberts and Professor John Bartholdi,
from the Georgia Institute of Technology (US), giving training courses
in Australia for the first time. Local experts are from the University
of Wollongong and CSIRO.

Dr Simon Dunstall, leader of CSIRO's Adaptive Supply Networks team, said
managing logistics in any industry is largely about choosing between a
vast array of supply chain options in a way that is sound, quantitative
and exhaustive.

"A significant part of the course will focus on innovations in supply
chain and logistics and how to manage supply networks in an integrated
way," Dr Dunstall said.

Dunstall's work in wine supply chains, for example, involves planning
systems that span hundreds of stakeholders working together across time
and distance to get quality wine to our tables. 

"Collaboration is a major component in getting step changes or
transformations in the performance of a network. These courses will help
senior managers choose and manage the supply chain configurations that
give them best value for their businesses," he said.

The Logistics Association of Australia, for logistics and supply chain
professionals, is looking to attract to the course a broader range of
professionals including those in business development, procurement,
marketing and engineering.

Mr Brad Harrison, President of the LAA, said while Logistics and Supply
Chain specialists are custodians of the supply pipeline, everyone in a
firm contributes to its daily workings.

"We're pleased to offer, with CSIRO, an international programme enhanced
with local knowledge and research," Mr Harrison said.

More information about the course can be found at

This event is part of the Australian Innovation Festival.

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