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Story Opportunities from Australasian Science, May 2008
Just Add Water
Semiconductor research has uncovered a means of untapping hydrogen energy.
Aboriginal Astronomy
The Milky Way and other heavenly bodies have been inspiration for a rich
aboriginal culture.
Noise May Be Music to Bionic Ears
Bionic ear implants could be improved by introducing noise to mimic
biological unpredictability.
False Hope for Breast Cancer?
Widespread rejoice that a cure for breast cancer may be imminent may be
premature given the ³king pin² gene¹s other vital roles.
Ancient Asia Unearthed
A new project to understand how ancient cultures travelled and settled
southern Asia has uncovered a particularly compassionate and inclusive late
Stone Age community in northern Vietnam.
The Acid Test
Carbon dioxide emissions are being absorbed by the oceans, making them more
acidic. How long can corals survive?
Heat Shock
With fears that coral bleaching may become more widespread as climate change
warms the oceans, scientists are determining which genes are switched on
when corals become stressed by high water temperatures.
Cars Are Doomed
What are the options to turn around our transport and energy systems in time
to meet long-term greenhouse targets?
Make a Stand for Good Science by Barry Brook
Scientists must work harder at making the public aware of the stark
difference between good science and denialist spin.
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