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Thu Jan 3 05:20:25 CET 2008

Just a reminder that the first episode of Sleek Geeks – the TV show will air
on ABC TV at 8pm tonight!!

Sleek Geeks – the TV show …
Thursdays, 8pm from January 3 to February 7, 2008


Sleek Geeks is a 6 part series featuring Dr Karl Kruszelnicki with maths
whiz Adam Spencer - both well-known to listeners of ABC Radio.

Karl and Adam first performed under the name The Sleek Geeks for a Science
Week tour of Australia. It was a hilarious, fact-packed stage show that
played to sell-out audiences everywhere. The Sleek Geeks TV series has
extended the concept brilliantly with its focus on everyday science,
presented in Dr Karl and Adam's eclectic and energetic style.

The Sleek Geeks set out to answer some fascinating scientific questions we
encounter regularly in everyday life. You might remember Australia's first
popular TV scientist - Professor Julius Sumner Miller - and his memorable
catch-cry: "Why is it so?" In the same spirit, the Sleek Geeks' mission is
to reveal the surprising science that lies hidden in our homes, offices and
backyards. Based around themes such as  'Time', 'Mind Games' and 'Senses',
Sleek Geeks leaps from moments of deep thought  to the most arcane and
bizarre ideas imaginable, from the mysteries of our minds to the forces of

Dr Karl and Adam also take on the myths of the movies with their "War On
Error" segment. "True and False" tackles classic scientific questions and
the "Shark-o-meter" puts 'danger' into perspective. Watch out for the
surprise guests and performers who will also be helping the Geeks to
demystify the world of science including Ruben Meerman - the 'Surfing
Scientist' (from Rollercoaster, The Experimentals and triple j.)

Sleek Geeks is popular science at its best.

Dr Karl's webpage - http://www.abc.net.au/science/k2/
The Surfing Scientist webpage with experiments to try at home -
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