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14 January 2007 

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How do you want Canberra's drinking water used? 

CSIRO invites the residents of Canberra to participate in a survey on
how they want their drinking water used. 

"We want to find out what the Canberra community thinks about how water
is managed in the region and how individuals and groups in the community
could contribute to improvements in how we use our drinking water," says
Dr Heinz Schandl, a social scientist at CSIRO in Canberra.

"The information will help the ACT Government consider ways to replace
using drinking water for irrigation." 

The ACT Department of Territory and Municipal Services and ACT Planning
and Land Authority are investigating alternatives to the use of drinking
water, such as stormwater, for irrigating parks, sports grounds and some
businesses such as golf courses.

CSIRO is assisting the ACT Government by researching the social and
environmental implications of employing stormwater harvesting options.

Potential solutions include storing stormwater in new and existing ponds
and lakes, and in aquifers through processes like managed aquifer
recharge and recovery. 

"Water is important to all of us, and improvements in how we supply and
use our water are essential for a sustainable future of Australia's
capital," Dr Schandl says.

In addition to the survey, CSIRO social scientists have held focus group
meetings in Weston Creek, Gungahlin, Yarralumla and Lyneham with
representatives of the Canberra community to discuss social impacts of
reusing water and identifying areas in which water management can be

The survey, which is open to all residents of the ACT, can be accessed
online until 10 February 2008 at:

Image available at:

Further Information:

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Media Assistance:

Cris Kennedy, Water for a Healthy Country Flagship
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