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Gold, Gold, Gold…for Physics!


Professor Shuyan Xu
Denison Distinguished Visitor, School of Physics, University of Sydney, and
Professor of Physics, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Fellow of the Institute of Advanced Studies
Leader of the Plasma Sources and Applications Centre (PSAC)


Kings, Presidents, foreign secretaries and Nobel Prize laureates, satellite news link-ups, and 800 delegates from 85 countries…a meeting of the UN? No, it’s the Physics Olypmiad and the delegates are 16 year old students solving, of all things, theoretical and practical physics problems, and loving it.

Join Professor Shuyan Xu, Chairman of the 37th International Physics Olympiad in Singapore, as he shares his insight on the massive scale of the 10 day event, which has been running since 1967. The enormous scope required millions of dollars of corporate sponsorship, University support and in-kind support from police, local facilities and even the airport.

The Olympiad is more than simply an opportunity for students to excel themselves. Students, accompanied by government officials, bring honour to their countries, meet like-minded people, and experience the international physics community. For the host University and/or country, this huge media event is the chance to attract the top students and researchers to their country.

As well as being the founding leader of the Plasma Sources and Applications Centre in 2001, at Nanyang Professor Xu also represents Singapore in a number of international committees, expert boards, and professional societies. His keen enthusiasm in physics education led him in 2006 to become Chairman of the 37th International Physics Olympiad. His long scientific career, including a PhD earned at Flinders University, has produced over 120 peer-reviewed papers, 170 conference proceedings, and two text books. In addition, his plasma research led to a patent in 2007.

This year’s Olympiad will be held in Iran, with countries stumbling over each other in their bid to host as far away as 2022.

WHEN: Tuesday 12th Feb, 6:30pm
           Light refreshments will be served at 6.15pm.
WHERE: Slade Lecture Theatre, Ground floor of School of Physics, University of Sydney, Camperdown campus.
COST: Free, with booking.
RSVP: (02) 9351 3472 or outreach at physics.usyd.edu.au with name and number of seats required.

Lara Davis
Science Communications Officer
School of Physics
University of Sydney

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