[ASC-media] Special ABC radio feature - Balancing Nature

Abigail Thomas Thomas.Abigail at abc.net.au
Wed Jan 30 05:11:12 CET 2008

In a new four part ABC/BBC series on the world's dwindling biodiversity,
ABC Science Unit's Executive Producer Lynne Malcolm visits four
important hotspots in the Asia-Pacific region: South West Australia ,
Central Vietnam, the Philippines, and New Zealand.

'Balancing Nature' gives new insights into the amazing range of unique
species on Earth. It examines whether conservation efforts can succeed
in balancing the needs of both people and nature: can we protect
nature's treasures against the many threats that could lead to their

Most of the earth's plant and animal species are concentrated into just
a few small areas. These so-called biodiversity hotspots cover only 1.4%
of the Earth's surface but contain nearly half of all plant species and
at least a third of all animals. They still have many more rich secrets
to reveal, yet all are facing huge pressure from human activity


'Balancing Nature' can be heard on Saturdays on the Science Show, ABC
Radio National, 12.05pm after the midday news, repeated 7pm Mondays.



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