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Autumn and winter provides many graingrowers with the opportunity to remain
indoors and check out the new Grains Research and Development Corporation
(GRDC) Pestlinks at www.grdc.com.au/pestlinks

Streamlining the delivery of information from the GRDC’s R&D outputs is a
critical aspect of its extension strategy.

The GRDC aims to deliver regionally specific information to identified
stakeholder groups to meet their information needs and respond effectively
to emerging issues.

Last year the GRDC began redeveloping its website to improve timeliness and
relevance of the information supplied.

Redevelopment focussed on improving accessibility, functionality, design,
look and feel, while catering for customers with various internet connection

Tom McCue, Manager of Extension and Grower Programs and responsible for
overseeing website development, emphasises that the website team can never
rest on their laurels.

He indicated that GRDC is ever alert to the potential of new technology and
streamlined delivery of relevant information and highlighted the recent
addition of the GRDC Pestlinks web page at www.grdc.com.au/pestlinks as an

The new page informs on integrated pest management (IPM), invertebrate and
vertebrate pests, insecticides and chemical companies and state contacts for

Pestlinks is part of the GRDC Crop Protection Program, which helps ensure
cost effective IPM by bringing together information on research, development
and extension.

A ‘Useful links’ section contains a link to Pest Genie, a database
specialising in information about plant protection and animal health

There is also a link to the Pests and Diseases Image Library (PaDIL),
offering high quality colour diagnostic images and information on pests and
diseases. PaDIL is a tool that helps identify invasive threats to Australia’
s plant health.

Other useful sites are Stored Grain Insects: A Rogue’s Gallery and CSIRO
Stored Grain Research Laboratory.

Important information such as the 2007 Insecticide Resistance Management
Strategies and the 2007 Insecticide Mode of Action Table is also available.

For WA growers, there is specific information such as Registered Chemicals
for Use in WA.

Mr McCue said international sites for research institutions are also listed
on Pestlinks.

Growers are urged to have a test drive around the new site.


The Crop Doctor is GRDC Managing Director, Peter Reading, Tel 02 6166 4500
Further Information: Tom McCue, Tel 02 6166 4500

GRDC REF: CDJune082.doc/RRA00001/McCue300608

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