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July 31, 2008

RUSSIAN RESISTANCE RESEARCH: Dr Mehmet Cakir, Senior Research Fellow at
Murdoch University, WA, will conduct and co-ordinate research evaluating
Russian wheat aphid resistance in wheat and barley, thanks to a five year
GRDC grant.

Russian wheat aphid can destroy up to 70 per cent of a wheat crop and more
than that in barley.

A significant pest in the USA, South Africa and parts of South America,
Europe and Asia, it is present in all major wheat and barley growing areas
of the world except Australia.

"The project will evaluate resistance, develop resistant wheat and barley
varieties to biotypes of Russian wheat aphid and finally identify molecular
markers for resistance so that continuous breeding for Russian wheat aphid
is possible in Australia," Dr Cakir said.

"Ultimately, we want to develop a resource of Australian wheat and barley
germplasm with Russian wheat aphid resistance for use by Australian cereal

Contact: Dr Mehmet Cakir, Tel 08 9360 6640


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