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September 3, 2008

UNWELCOME TRAVELLERS: WA grain growers planning to go east should be aware
of the biosecurity issues relating to shoes and clothing if they intend
visiting farms.

Dr Rohan Rainbow, GRDC Manager, Crop Protection, said it was important that
growers heed the message "don't take any unwelcome travellers with you and
don't bring any home."

"Rusts, for example, produce huge numbers of spores and mutations occur all
the time.

"Pathotypes arise naturally as a consequence of mutation, leading to a new
strain which can be virulent to previously resistant wheat and is easily
transferred on shoes or clothing," Dr Rainbow said.

He said stripe rust had been recorded in the eastern states this season,
including Tasmania, but there had been no reports or samples from WA, thus
highlighting biosecurity issues for all grain crops in Australia.

Appropriate farm biosecurity measures are outlined in the GRDC leaflet "Rust
diseases in grain crops: What can Australian travellers do?", available
online at www.grdc.com.au/biosecuritylinks

Contact: Dr Rohan Rainbow, Tel 02 6166 4500

GRDC REF: GrainFlashesSeptember3.doc/Rainbow020908

FACING THE BIG CHALLENGES: "Global issues-Paddock Action" is the theme for
the GRDC sponsored 14th Australian Society of Agronomy Conference to be held
in Adelaide, September 21-25.

Australian Society of Agronomy President, Bill Bellotti, said the theme
reflects the big issues facing Australian agriculture, including climate
change and variability, energy supplies and resource use efficiency.

Mr Bellotti said the conference will focus on how to address the challenges
at the paddock, farm and catchment levels.

"We'll also look at emerging opportunities for agriculture in Australia,
farmer focussed research and how biotechnology translates into reality at
the paddock level," he said.

For more information and to register, visit Australian Society of Agronomy
website www.agronomy.org.au

Contact: Bill Bellotti, Tel 08 8303 7728

GRDC REF: GrainFlashesSeptember3.doc/Paulsen010908

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