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September 17, 2008

CLANCY'S CASE OF LUPIN LOGIC: Mingenew grain grower Clancy Michael put his
case for a glyphosate tolerant lupin, while addressing the GRDC supported
'Lupins for Health and Wealth' conference at Fremantle on Monday, September

Farming 4700 hectares on acidic sandplain country, Mr Michael said
developing such a technology could save the lupin industry, as WA growers
needed to compete on a level international 'protein playing field' with
northern hemisphere Roundup Ready soybean growers, whose productions costs
were lower.

"With WA growers opting to not crop paddocks and then apply glyphosate to
take weeds out and conserve moisture, I believe a better alternative would
be planting a glyphosate tolerant lupin if we had the technology available
to us," he said.

Mr Michael added that the cost of developing such a technology for lupins
would not be prohibitively expensive, compared with the benefits it would

Contact: Clancy Michael, Tel 08 9928 1115, Mob 0428 281 115

GRDC REF:GrainFlash2September17.doc/DAW00156/MacLean170908

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