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Story Opportunities from Australasian Science, August 2009

A Cryonic Shame
While an understanding of how some frogs and turtles survive freezing  
could assist organ transplants in humans, it also reveals why the  
cryonics industry is based on false promises.

Outback Search for Life on Mars
What can we learn about life on Mars from ancient rocks in Western  
Australia and recent discoveries made by a string of Mars obiter  
spacecraft, a polar lander and two rovers?

Microbes Reflect Marine Health
Bacteria are emerging as a gauge of the declining health of the  
world’s oceans.

Humidity Doubles Global Warming
Carbon dioxide is not the most important greenhouse gas in our  

The Little Qubit that Could
The creation of a basic quantum computer by Australian
researchers brings us closer to the dawn of a second technological  

Glow Worms Tell The Time
Glow worms in forests adjust their light output, but what happens in  
caves where there are no time cues?

Silence Is a Scientist’s Worst Enemy
Ian Plimer’s controversial new book on climate change provides a  
lesson on how scientists should respond to contentious scientific  
claims in the media.

Is Directed Gamete Donation Discriminatory?
Directed donation of gametes based upon characteristics such as age or  
religious persuasion is inconsistent with anti-discrimination law and  
undermines values that are publicly espoused in Australia.

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