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March 4, 2009

SEEK AND DESTROY WEED KILLER: High tech Weedseeker® spraying equipment is
more than paying its way for grain growers in WA's southern region, who are
seeing big cost savings and better crops through improved water retention.

Weedseeker® uses infrared seekers on each boomspray jet to detect green
weeds, then precisely sprays them, killing the weeds while greatly reducing
chemical use.

Esperance grower Phil Longmire, a Grains Research and Development
Corporation (GRDC) supported Nuffield scholarship winner, says he's
significantly reduced his chemical use while controlling melons during
summer spraying.

"Using a local farmer-contractor with Weedseeker® reduced our chemical bill
by 76 per cent," Mr Longmire said.

A GRDC-supported trial at Yuna in WA's northern agricultural region also
found the technology to be highly effective against wild radish.

Contact: Phil Longmire, Tel 08 9078 7054

GRDC REF:GrainFlashMar4 2009.doc/Rainbow260209

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