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March 5, 2008

GET YOUR HANDS ON SOME GENES: If you work in agriculture and phrases such as
DNA extraction, gene isolation or gene transfer mystify or even scare you, a
hands-on gene technology workshop could help.

CSIRO and Agrifood Awareness Australia (AFAA) Limited will host workshops in
Esperance (April 20-21) and Geraldton (April 22-23).

AFAA has three founding members - GRDC, CropLife Australia and NFF - and is
committed to providing factual, science-based information on the use of gene
technology in agriculture to enable informed decision-making.

Dr Andreas Betzner, GRDC Manager of Gene Discovery, said the workshop was an
opportunity to understand the science and regulation of gene technology and
was particularly timely and relevant in WA where 1000 hectares of GM canola
trials would be conducted this year.

"Participants will also learn about future research opportunities and
discuss key issues surrounding the gene technology debate," he said.

Contact Nadja Moritz, AFAA, Tel 02 6273 9535 or email
NadjaMoritz at afaa.com.au for information, including cost and registration.

Contact: Nadja Moriz, Tel 02 6273 9535

GRDC REF:GrainFlashMar5 2009.doc/Betzner090209

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