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 Helen Greiner on Innovation 

9 March 2009 

The world's leading robotics engineer Dr Helen Greiner is on a quest to
introduce a robot to your home.

Helen Greiner has created robots to explore planets and the Great
Pyramid, go deep into oil wells and work in underwater mines but
arguably her greatest achievement is introducing robots into our homes.

Best known as the creator of the Roomba, an inconspicuous robot vacuum
cleaner that has made its way into 3 million homes across the United
States alone, Dr Greiner's vision is to make robots that help people in
their everyday lives.

This ambition led her to co-found iRobot, a global leader in practical
robotics, in 1990 after graduating from MIT with a degree in mechanical
engineering and a masters in computer science.

At the Ideas Festival Dr Greiner will talk robots in everyday life and
beyond, including some of the drivers for her business.

"The vision has always been to make robots that touch people's lives
everyday and create a robotics industry," Dr Greiner says.

"We have built robots that go deep into the bore of oil wells, toys that
were marketed by Hasbro, museum displays, a prototype planetary
explorer, a legged robot for underwater mines, a robotic fish, a swarm
of 100 robots, and a robot that explored shafts in the great pyramid."

Her work with MIT's Artificial Intelligence Laboratory has established
the centre as an ideas engine room for using robotics to assist people.
A particular focus of her latest work is on helping the disabled and the
elderly live more independent lives.

"A robot could remind you to take your medication, help find your
glasses, or check to see if you're okay," Dr Greiner says.

"People won't stop calling on Grandma because she has a robotic helper
but they will worry less."

Helen Greiner on Innovation

Saturday 28 March

5pm, SLQ Auditorium 1  

Tickets $35, bookings qtix 136 246 or www.qtix.com.au 

The Ideas Festival, taking place from 25 to 29 March at the State
Library of Queensland, will help us turn good ideas into even better
actions.  To find out more visit www.ideasfestival.com.au
<http://www.ideasfestival.com.au/> , pick up a State Library of
Queensland magazine or call 3215 0861.

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