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March 19, 2009

COST EFFECTIVE WEED CONTROL ESSENTIAL: Money might be tight following
several dry seasons, but WA grain growers should use every cheap and
effective tool available to control late summer and autumn weeds.

The Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) has just published a
supplement to its 2008 Planning Guide for Low-Risk Farming and it's full of
practical advice.

Developed by Nigel Wilhelm and Geoff Thomas of the GRDC-funded Low Rainfall
Collaboration Project, the 2009 Planning Guide for Farmers with Limited
Finances advised cash strapped growers to control summer weeds early and
only in the best paddocks for this season's crop.

"Now it's autumn, controlling weeds in all cropping paddocks is very
important to store water for the crop and take advantage of the opportunity
to plant on time," Mr Thomas said.

"Spraying small weeds with herbicide at registered rates, as early as a week
after rainfall induced germination, will greatly reduce costs."

It's also essential not to compromise grass weed control later in the

"Due to the severe impact of grassy weeds on productivity and disease
burdens, at least their seed set should be effectively controlled in all
paddocks whenever possible, otherwise the potential for next season will be
compromised," Mr Thomas said.

Growers can obtain a copy of the 2009 Planning Guide for Farmers with
Limited Finances by visiting www.grdc.com.au/lowriskfarming

Contact: Geoff Thomas, Mob 0409 781 469

GRDC REF: GrainFlashMarch19 2009.doc/Rainbow130309

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