[ASC-media] Media Release: Nutrition Supplement Reduces Falls in Elderly

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Saturday 21st March 2009: For Immediate Release

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Nutrition Supplement Reduces Falls in Elderly

A simple and cheap nutrition supplement can reduce falls amongst the
elderly living in Aged Care hostels.

The results will be presented on Sunday at an international bone
health conference in Sydney. Almost 1000 clinicians, researchers and
international experts in bone health will attend the meeting.

In the two year Australian study, the dairy based supplement was added
to basic foods in aged care hostels.

The supplement powder is made predominantly from proteins and minerals
in milk and is high in protein, calcium and Vitamin D. It can be added
to common foods such as cakes, quiches, and sauces.

1200 residents at 20 Victorian Aged Care hostels took part in the study.

Researchers, based at Austin Health, saw the rate of falls
significantly drop in those who took the supplement, especially in
those who had a history of falls.

Lead researcher Dr Sandra Iuliano-Burns, University of Melbourne, says
“Some of the benefit may result directly from slowing bone loss
however it is also possible that the supplement impacts other physical
aspects such as muscle strength and the ability to balance. If
residents fall over less often they are less likely to have a

Falls in the elderly and the consequent bone fractures and other
injuries, often result in greater disability and the need for more
intensive aged care support.

The research findings support the recommendations in a joint position
statement on calcium and bone health published this week in the
Medical Journal of Australia.

Further Information

- The 2nd Joint Meeting of the International Bone and Mineral Society
and the Australian and New Zealand Bone and Mineral Society will be
held at the Sydney Exhibition and Convention Centre from 21-25 March

- Presentation on Sunday 22nd March 2009. A dairy-based protein,
calcium and vitamin d supplement preserves trabecular bone and reduces
falls in aged care residents. S. Iuliano-Burns1, K. King1, J. Woods3,
A. Evans2, A. Ghasem-Zadeh2, E. Seeman1  1Endocrinology, Medicine,
University of Melbourne / Austin Health, West Heidelberg, VIC,
Australia, 2Bone and Mineral Research Unit, Austin Health, West
Heidelberg, VIC, Australia, 3Nutrition and Dietetics, Monash
University, Clayton, VIC, Australia

- The study was supported by grants from Dairy Australia and the
Gardiner Foundation.


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