[ASC-media] Future Proofing Australia - Rising to the Challenge of Climate Change

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10 November 2009

ATSE is an independent body of 800 eminent Australian engineers and
driving technological solutions for a better Australia

Rising to the Challenge of Climate Change

32nd ATSE National Symposium,
Sofitel Grand Central, Brisbane, 16-17 November 2009

With Australia's domestic climate change negotiations ongoing and
international deliberations only a month away, one of the nation's most
important topics will be under the spotlight at the Australian Academy of
Technological Sciences and Engineering 2009 National Symposium
"Future-Proofing Australia - Rising to the Challenge of Climate Change" in
Brisbane on 16-17 November.

The symposium involves leading overseas and Australian specialists
addressing the practical potential of current and future low emission
technologies and greenhouse gas abatement.

Large emissions sectors will be addressed - electricity, transport, minerals
& land management. Options will be evaluated in terms of cost,
implementation, scale-up potential, risks, R&D needs, policy support
requirements, public acceptability and commercial opportunity.

Reporting journalists are welcome to attend. To register your intention to
attend, to request press releases or to organise interviews, please contact
the Media Manager, Cathy Reade on 0413 575 934 or creade at squirrel.com.au.
Full program available at

International speakers include;

.	Professor Gregory J McRae - Executive Director, Morgan Stanley NY,
and Professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology speaking on
Australia's role for shaping world energy futures

.	Mr Revis W James - Director, Energy Technology Assessment Center,
Electric Power Research Institute, USA on electric power

.	Professor Luuk van der Wielen - Bioseparation Technology Group,
Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands on the future of
biorenewable energy

.	Dr John Loughhead - Executive Director, UK Energy Research Centre
addressing future energy technologies and philosophies

.	Mr. John Pierce - DuPont, Applied BioSciences, USA on renewable
fuels and materials

.	Dr Zhengrong Shi - CEO and Chairman, Suntech Holding Co Ltd, China
on solar power

.	Dr Donald Chen - Business Director, Hydrocarbons & Energy, Asia
Pacific Dow Chemical Company addressing breakthroughs with green chemistry

Some of the Australian speakers include:

.	Professor David Griggs - Director, Monash University Sustainability
Institute; previously leader of Secretariat for the Science Working Group of
the UN IPCC speaking on climate change and implications for sustainability 

.	Dr Ziggy Switkowski - Chairman, Australian Nuclear Science and
Technology Organisation and Dr Selena Ng - Director, Asia-Pacific Business
Development, AREVA on nucleur power technology

.	Professor Kelly Thambimuthu - Chairman, International Energy Agency
Greenhouse Gas Program on low emission coal technologies

.	Dr Grant Thorne - Group Executive Technology & Innovation, Rio Tinto
presenting a minerals industry perspective of reducing emissions

.	Mr Gordon Jardine  - Chief Executive, Powerlink, Queensland speaking
about the challenges and opportunities for renewables

.	Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, Director, Global Change Institute, The
University of Queensland on why science is failing to get the message across
about climate change.

ATSE wishes to thank the sponsors for this event:
University of Queensland, Monash University, Australian Institute for
Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, University of Melbourne, University of
Western Australia, Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation (QCIF),
Powerlink, CRC Mining, Engineers Australia (Qld Division), Australian Power
Institute, Energex, Griffith University, Ergon Energy, Queensland University
of Technology, BP

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