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Cars of the future
When:  Thursday Oct 29 2009  6:30-8:00pm
Where: The Science Exchange  http://tinyurl.com/scienceexchange
How: Bookings @  Cars of the future<http://www.riaustralia.org.au/events/2009/october/cars_of_the_future_kristen_alford_and_others.jsp>

Ever wondered what the car of the future might look like? The cars in the Global Green Challenge might provide that answer.  This internationally acclaimed event (formerly the World Solar Challenge) has run between Darwin and Adelaide since 1987.  This year the event has now been expanded to include the 38 solar cars (with teams from 17 countries) as well more conventional entries from the major car manufacturers such as Holden, Volvo, Hyundai, Suzuki, Skoda, Ford, KIA and BMW.

These amazing high-tech  cars http://photos.globalgreenchallenge.com.au/  left Darwin on October 24th and have been racing through Australia's outback toward Adelaide where they are expected to arrive on the morning of Thursday 29th of August.  Amongst the competitors are Dr Peter Pudney in the solar car Aurora 101 and the Annesley College EOS team (hybrid electric entry), both of whom will be talking at the RiAustralia's Cars of the future<http://www.riaus.org.au/events/2009/october/cars_of_the_future_kristin_alford_and_others.jsp> event that evening.

To hear more about their adventures in the race and the technology you can expect see on new cars, book now on the RiAus website:  bookings<http://www.riaus.org.au/events/2009/october/cars_of_the_future_kristin_alford_and_others.jsp>

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