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Story Opportunities from Australasian Science, November 2009
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Think Negative!
Research reveals that we remember more and make better decisions when  
we're in a sad mood.

A Question of Gender
Sex determination is a biological “battle of the sexes” that  
scientists have long believed is turned by the presence of a gene that  
triggers the development of male gonads. The role of an anti-male gene  
sheds new light.

Down Syndrome Disappearing
Cheap prenatal diagnostic tests are on the way, but is the decline in  
Down syndrome births the tip of the iceberg?

The “Impossible” Eye
The complexity of the eye has long been used as an argument to rebuff  
Darwin’s theory of natural selection, but evidence from primitive fish  
has revealed how the eye evolved from simple light-sensitive cells  
over a 30-million-year period.

The Rise of Seahorses
Genetic data indicate that tectonic changes in Australasia and the  
associated formation of vast seagrass meadows may have driven the  
evolution of upright posture in seahorses.

Facial Birth Defects Unmasked
A better understanding of the biological basis of congenital head and  
facial birth defects is leading researchers closer to developing  
preventative measures that can be applied in the womb.

“Seeing” 20¢ at 3.7 Million Paces
Australian radioastronomers have boosted their case for hosting the  
Square Kilometre Array of antennas with a major geographic extension  
strengthening the bid in key scientific aspects.

Was the Christmas Star Real?
Was the Star of Bethlehem purely a divine sign or an astronomical  
event in its own right?

Galaxies in Collision
Our nearest large neighbouring galaxy, Andromeda, has been interacting  
with the smaller Triangulum Galaxy, with a trail of stars between them  
adding weight to theories of galaxy formation.

How a Moon Got its Stripes
An eruption of water vapour on one of Saturn’s moons has revealed  
tectonic activity and a subsurface ocean.

The Science of Science Fiction
Science fiction has predicted many of the technologies that we take  
for granted today.

The Vital Importance of Habitat
Destruction of an organism’s habitat is one, if not the major, cause  
of species extinction in Australia. Protecting habitat is the key to  
halting Australia’s declining biodiversity.

The Evaporation Paradox
A “scientist’s scientist” has won the 2009 Australasian Science Prize  
for research that overturns assumptions of the impacts of climate  
change on water availability.

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