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 UWA/IOA MEDIA STATEMENT –  January 28, 2010


A recent reunion of 1972 agricultural science graduates from The University
of Western Australia (UWA) revealed the diversity of career paths taken.

It has been 40 years since the 1969 intake started their studies at UWA.

Of the 33 students who successfully completed the degree course, 26 attended
the reunion which began at UWA’s Institute of Agriculture at Crawley and was
followed by a formal dinner at the University Club and a barbeque the next

The former students who studied for their degrees in what was then known as
the Faculty of Agricultural Science, have since moved into a diverse range
of fields.

Many have entered agricultural research and agribusiness, microbiology
laboratories or started and maintained their own farming businesses, while
others are now involved in industrial project development and management,
transport and agricultural education.

One of the graduates, Bill Woods, is an entomologist with the Department of
Agriculture and Food WA (DAFWA), while another, Colin Meadows, is now a
Minister with the Baptist Church in Riverton, WA, after spending about 19
years working in Botswana, Africa.

One of the event organisers and himself a 1972 UWA Agricultural Science
graduate, Dr Bill Ryan, went on and completed a PhD at UWA in ruminant

He has since worked in research and development, agribusiness and, recently,
a five year stint  as Chief Executive Officer of the Kondinin Group.

He says the agricultural students worked closely together while studying at
UWA: “We spent three hours a day, four days a week in the laboratories
together, so we developed great relationships with each other and the UWA
academic staff.”

Dr Ryan’s son, Matthew,  who followed in his father’s footsteps, studying
agricultural science at UWA, is now working as a Beef Development officer
with DAFWA in Esperance.

“I had a very enjoyable university experience, as did my son due to the
frequent and quality contact between students and Faculty members at UWA,”
Dr Ryan said.

UWA has a proud 75 year history of teaching and research in agriculture and
natural resource management.

The Faculty of Agriculture was established at UWA in 1936 and the Institute
of Agriculture in 1938 to provide critical research facilities and staff for
effective training of professional agricultural graduates and scientists at
post-graduate level.

UWA Institute of Agriculture Director, Winthrop Professor Kadambot Siddique,
said UWA’s agricultural achievements continue to grow. At the start of 2009,
there were 62 new enrolments in agricultural and natural resource management
sciences at UWA.

“We enrol Australia’s brightest and best students, our graduates are highly
sought after and their employment prospects in agriculture and related
natural resource management remain strong, despite a recognised global
economic downturn.

“The success of past students, such as the graduating class of 1972,
demonstrates the vast array of opportunities presented to students within
the Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences at UWA,” he said.


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