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Media Release, 10 March 2010

Michael Goldsworthy awarded prestigious James Cook Medal

The Royal Society of New South Wales has announced that the rarely  
awarded James Cook Medal has gone to Dr Michael Goldsworthy, FAIP for  
his internationally acclaimed isotope separation technique using lasers.
The most recent recipients were Dr Peter Colman in 1999 whose work  
with the CSIRO in X-ray crystallography directly contributed to the  
invention of the anti-flu drug, Relenza, and Sir Gustav Nossal in  
1994 for his contributions to science as Director of the Walter and  
Eliza Hall Institute.
Dr Goldsworthy’s discovery is particularly important for the energy  
sector that requires the separation of isotopes for uranium reactors.  
His discovery has increased the enrichment efficiency by an estimated  
factor of 60 times better than the present highest level of  
centrifuges. The medical sector depends on low-cost, stable isotope  
separation for diagnostics and the laser separation technique is also  
used for advanced nano-electronics with semiconductors such as  
silicon and artificial diamonds.
Dr Michael Goldsworthy is regarded as one of the nation’s leading  
authorities on both nuclear power and solar energy – two key  
alternative energy sources used worldwide in response to the growing  
concerns about global climate change. He is one of Australia’s  
leading technology exponents on innovation and commercialisation.
The significance of Dr Goldsworthy’s success with his laser  
technique is evident from the payment of $7.5 million royalties to  
him by US Government industry for patent rights.
Professor Mary O’Kane, NSW Chief Scientist, will present the James  
Cook Medal and two other awards, the Clarke Medal and the Edgeworth  
David Medal, at the Royal Society’s Annual Dinner on Friday 12  
March, 2010.
This year the Clarke Medal for Zoology has been awarded to the  
Australian Museum’s distinguished malacologist, Dr Winston Ponder.  
Through his work in taxonomy, Dr Ponder has contributed significantly  
to Australia’s biodiversity, particularly in discovering previously  
unknown gastropod diversity in all taxonomic levels. Similarly his  
work on Australian freshwater molluscs has uncovered new levels of  
diversity, including a single cave system in Tasmania with 10  
different species.
Dr Ponder is recognised internationally as an expert in his field and  
a key textbook on the biology and evolution of molluscs that he is co- 
authoring will be a major contribution to our understanding of one of  
the largest groups of animals on Earth.
The Edgeworth David Medal has been awarded to Associate Professor  
Nagarajan Valanoor of the University of NSW where he has worked since  
2005 after gaining his PhD from the University of Maryland, USA. In  
Australia, he has become established as a national leader in research  
on thin film polar oxide structures and his work on nanoscale  
functional materials.
Associate Professor Valanoor’s extensive publications include  
articles in the journals, Science and Nature Materials. His papers  
have been cited some 2,400 times and his exceptionally high ranking  
on an index used to measure scientific productivity and impact is  
remarkable for so young a scientist as Associate Professor Valanoor.
For more information contact and for Associate Professor Nagarajan  

Associate Professor William Sewell
Councillor, Royal Society of NSW
Phone: 02 9036 5282; mobile: 0407 061 786; email: w.sewell at garvan.org.au
For Dr Michael Goldsworthy, contact

Danielle Tiller,
Executive Assistant to CEO
Office: 02 9532 1331; fax: 02 9532 1332; mobile: 0414 946 873
Email: Danielle.Tiller at silex.com.au; Web: www.silex.com.au
For Dr Winston Ponder, contact

Michelle Van Doninck, Publicist
Australian Museum
Phone: 02 9320 6181; fax: 02 9320 6068; mobile: 0421 617 019
Email: Michelle.VanDoninck at austmus.gov.au ; Web:  

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