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Story opportunities from Australasian Science, April 2010

Eruptions, Climate Change and Mass Extinctions
Large volcanic eruptions created climate change events responsible for mass extinctions.

Rainwater Fever
Will the return of rainwater tanks assist the spread of the dengue mosquito in Australia?

Acupuncture: A Western Solution to an Ancient Eastern Mystery
A new theory explaining how acupuncture works invokes a new division of the nervous system, with potential future applications extending well beyond pain management.

Microbial Terroirism
Genetic analysis of yeasts has revealed that local species contribute enormously to the regional characteristics of wine.

Cancer Therapy Hits Its Target
Gene-silencing therapies are now a step closer to being used for cancer treatment with the help of a novel delivery system.

Gender Genes
Genes may determine our biological sex, but some people don’t identify with their gender. New research has identified genetic associations responsible for gender identity disorders.

Does the Sun Explain Warming?
Some climate change skeptics have argued that natural variations in the Sun’s energy output are responsible for climatic variations on Earth, but how strong is the evidence for this?

Bureaucratic Soup for Science Promotion
A long-awaited review of science communication is inching towards a “national strategy” without any commitment from the government to support fresh initiatives.

Bringing Evolution into Conservation 
To protect biodiversity in a rapidly changing environment we need to encourage selection and evolution in our native plants and animals.

The International Panel on Climate Change has bungled its response to questioning of the rigour of its 2007 report.

It makes more sense to manage demand for water than to increase supply through desalination.

Mary Mackillop made a valuable contribution to society, but the attribution of two miracles from beyond the grave devalues science.

It would cost $30 million to bring a Neanderthal back to life, but what are the ethical issues?

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