[ASC-media] Public Lecture: Groundwater Challenges and Opportunities for Australia in the 21st Century

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I would like to extend an invitation to anyone who is in the ACT to
attend the public lecture by Professor Craig Simmons on 2 November.
Please find details below.


Kind regards


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Groundwater Challenges and Opportunities for Australia in the 21st

An Australian Academy of Science Public Lecture Series on Water
management options for urban and rural Australia


Professor Craig T. Simmons

Professor of Hydrogeology, Flinders University

Director, National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training

Groundwater is often called the forgotten resource. It lies beneath our
feet and supplies wells, bores, springs and water to our rivers.
One-third of the world's population is dependent on groundwater. As we
continue to face droughts and national water shortages, we are
increasingly turning to groundwater as a water supply. Groundwater is
far more important to Australia than its national usage figures would
suggest, making up 20% of total water use. This is due to its many
important characteristics such as broad scale availability, interaction
with surface waters and availability during drought, which means that it
is and will continue to be a key water resource in much of Australia.
However, groundwater must be better understood and more effectively

This presentation will provide a broad introduction into groundwater,
why it is important to us and the critical role it plays in the
environment. Groundwater issues in Australia will be discussed,
including sustainable levels of groundwater extraction, licensing and
metering, environmental water requirements, groundwater trading, key
knowledge gaps in understanding groundwater resources, and education and
training. Examples of recent technological developments relating to
groundwater and the future of research, both in Australia and
internationally, will be discussed. A range of fascinating new
groundwater research discoveries will also be described. These include
the existence of underground fauna that live within groundwater systems,
such as caves and aquifers called stygofauna, and extraterrestrial
groundwater research which is examining the groundwater systems of other
planets in our solar system and beyond it.

Tuesday 2 November 2010, 6-7pm

Shine Dome, Gordon Street, Canberra

Free entry and parking

Refreshments from 5.30pm


Contact: savita.khiani at science.org.au or 02 6201 9462



Craig Simmons has been a significant contributor to global advances in
the science of hydrogeology for many years and has published widely in
areas including variable density groundwater flow, surface water to
groundwater interaction, fractured rock hydrogeology, aquifer storage
and recovery, and groundwater flow and solute transport modeling. He is
a member of the National Water Commission's Groundwater Technical
Advisory Committee, which advises on high-level groundwater direction
setting and investment strategies in Australia. His work has been
recognised by numerous national and international research and teaching
awards. Craig has served as an Editor and Associate Editor for numerous
major international journals including Hydrogeology Journal (Editor),
Water Resources Research, Journal of Hydrology and Ground Water. 



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