[ASC-media] Australia Fellows call on Gillard to avoid medical research cuts

Rachel Taylor rachel.taylor at monash.edu
Mon Apr 18 05:33:04 CEST 2011

Thirty-six Australia Fellows have written to Prime Minister Gillard 
calling on her to support medical research and avoid cuts to funding.

This group represents Australia's leading medical researchers.

Australia Fellows are awarded to outstanding scientists in health and 
medical research. They hold international status in their field and are 
doing research of major impact and benefit to Australia. Please refer 
to: http://www.nhmrc.gov.au/fellows/types/granttype/career.htm

The group includes a cross-section of medical fields and research 

The group have also written to other key members of government, 
opposition members, state premiers, and health ministers, asking them to 
support the issue.

A copy of the letter to the Prime Minister can be seen at: 

Interviews are available with Australia Fellows and medical researchers 
likely to be impacted by funding cuts.

Please contact Rachel Taylor on 0411 288 672


Rachel Taylor

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Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute

Monash University

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