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A Nation of Creationists
A survey of beliefs in the origin of life and the universe has found that the majority of Australians believe in creationism and evolution directed by God.

Earthquakes with the Midas Touch
Stress changes generated deep in the Earth by ancient earthquakes are enabling geologists to predict the locations of rich gold deposits.

Comfort Foods and Exercise Reverse Anxiety from Early Life Stress
Stressful experiences during childhood can affect brain development, leading to increased anxiety and depression-like behaviours in adults, but this process can be reversed with diet and exercise.

New Insights into the Autistic Brain
Studies of the brain have identified a physiological basis for autism’s impact on human perception, but new technology is making it possible to develop a biologically based diagnostic tool.

Molecular Assassins
A molecular assassin that bacteria use to punch their way into our cells is also used by our immune system to return fire, opening up avenues for treating autoimmune diseases and cancer.

Cleaning Up the Toxins After the Fire
Toxic chemicals in firefighting foam accumulate in animal and human tissue, causing cancer and neonatal mortality. New technology is now keeping it from accumulating in the environment.

Getting to the Heart of Inflammation
Pre-term babies with bronchopulmonary disease are providing insights into inflammatory responses responsible for diseases as diverse as migraine, arthritis and diabetes.

How Tectonic Plates Take the Plunge
New evidence shows that the speed of the Earth’s tectonic plates and their boundaries, as well as the formation and destruction of mountain ranges, is controlled by the size of plate boundaries.

Don’t Rush the Science Curriculum
The rush to implement the new Australian Curriculum is jeopardising the future of science, engineering and maths education.

How Effective Is Science Outreach?
Will the International Year of Chemistry successfully promote science to the community?

Rehabilitating Eugenics
Kits that charge thousands of dollars to genetically test consumers for genes with supposed links to social characteristics are heralding a new era of eugenics.

What Were Pre-European Woodlands Like?
Understanding the structure of Australia’s forests and woodlands prior to European settlement has implications for how we manage our natural environments.

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