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Harvard professor says barefoot running is better your health

26th October 2011, Brisbane, Australia: The Barefoot Professor, Dan
Lieberman visiting from Harvard University is presenting his radical
barefoot running theory at the Australian Physiotherapists Association
Conference in Brisbane to thousands of healthcare professionals including
running coaches and sports doctors. Despite what most people have been led
to believe ­ expensive running shoes can do you more harm than good. Are
Australians wasting their money on expensive running shoes instead of
running barefoot, which is shown to better for your health?

Media Conference
Date:           Thursday 27th October 2011
Time:           945am-1030am
Location:    Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Exhibition Hall 1
Event:          Barefoot Running Workshop by by Harvard University¹s
Barefoot Professor 
RSVP:           Wed 26th Oct: Daniella Goldberg: daniella at bigpond.net.au

* Professor Dan Lieberman: Harvard University Evolutionary Biologist ­
theory that barefoot running is better for your health
* Emily Donker, leading Brisbane runner and triathlete that is training

Filming and Photo Opportunities:
* Barefoot Professor at Brisbane healthcare conference presenting his
radical evolutionary theory
* Barefoot Professor and female athlete running on a tread mill or track
* Medical images showing the biomechanics of running
* Runners wearing the minimal barefoot footwear that fit like gloves on feet


Revolutionary Barefoot Running Shoes
When 1 in 3 runners regularly sidelined with injuries, a growing community
of runners are embracing the barefoot running to reduce their risk of
running injuries. Despite what most people have been led to believe ­
running shoes can do you more harm than good. Today, scientists say that
minimalists footwear are better for you.  The theory behind this, is that
for thousands of years man was able to walk up right and travel around for
hundreds of kilometers per day without shoes.

Barefoot Professor
World expert barefoot runner, Professor Dan Lieberman, a Harvard University
Professor is researching the biomechanics of running, has scientifically
shown that barefoot running is better for you.  Following his renowned
scientific Nature paper last year, Professor Lieberman is visiting Australia
on October 27- Nov 1st 2011 to present his theory to thousands of healthcare
professionals at a conference in Brisbane.  You can watch the Nature paper
video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jrnj-7YKZE

Controversial Science
Dr Lieberman is a controversial scientist and although not all his peers
agree with his evolutionary theories about the benefits of barefoot running,
there is an enormous following of barefoot runners in Australia that are
convinced barefoot running is better for their health.  Basically, barefoot
running forces people to run at the front of their foot rather than the back
of the foot, ie shod running.  People who land on the back of the foot when
running cause a jarring shock to shoot up their back and potentially damage
their knees and back.  Dr Lieberman explains his theory in the Nature paper
video above.

Running Shoe Industry
The majority of running shoe manufacturers have jumped onto this
revolutionary theory and are now marketing their own version of the barefoot
running shoe. This questions the entire $20 billion industry that has
promoted well padded running shoes for so many years.  An example of the
type of new minimalist footwear is below -  Vibram Five Fingers is a minimal
thin piece of rubber, essentially, the user is running or walking barefoot
when wearing these and it allows each one of your toes fits into an
individual pocket, like a glove.

Healthcare industry debate
The healthcare industry is split on whether barefoot running is good for you
which is why this topic has become the key note presentation at the
Australian Physiotherapy Conference in Brisbane Thurs 27th October. View the
conference program:
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