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Pork CRC Media Release -- January 4, 2012



University of Queensland post-graduate, Larissa Beale, has been awarded Pork
CRC Best Presentation at the 2011 13th Biennial Conference of the
Australasian Pig Science Association (APSA) Conference, recently held at the
Adelaide Hilton Hotel.


Her presentation ('Probiotics successfully limit the severity of post
weaning diarrhoea') scored 81.14 (out of a possible 100) and was the only
one in the Top Five which was assessed by all seven judges. 


Best First Time Presenter was University of Adelaide post-graduate, Alice
Weaver, for her presentation 'Feeding gilts high fibre diets prior to mating
improves oocyte quality'.


Dr Jo Pluske's Poster ('Sourcing cereal feed grains for pigs: what are the
views of the supply chain?') won the best poster award, scoring 55.00 (out
of a possible 70)


Pork CRC CEO, Dr Roger Campbell said all presentations and posters were of
the highest quality and the competition tough: "The Australian pork
industry's medium to long term future, especially in research and
development, is clearly in the very capable hands of some fine young Pork
CRC supported students."


The importance of encouraging young people to join the research ranks that
support the industry was summed up by Pork CRC Chairman, Dr John Keniry,
during his A.C. Dunkin Memorial Lecture at the 2011 APSA Conference.


During the six year life of the first Pork CRC, it had supported 50 honours
students, 23 PhD students and five post-doctoral researchers.


"They will form the nucleus of young researchers and production management
personnel that will carry the industry forward in future years," Dr Keniry


"In addition to those education programs, we pioneered a process of inviting
organisations to bid to undertake projects in areas identified as of
interest to Pork CRC. 


"This process resulted in many new researchers coming into the industry and
bringing with them knowledge gained from research in other industries that
has proved very worthwhile for the pork industry," he concluded.


In the new CRC for High Integrity Australian Pork, an educational component
has been built into all four programs.


The seven person judging panel comprised Dr Dave Cadogan of Feedworks, Dr
Roger Campbell, Mr Graeme Crook and Ms Sue Merry, all Pork CRC, Mr Tony
Edwards of Ace Livestock Consulting Mr Dave Henman of Rivalea and Dr Pat
Mitchell of APL. 


There were 24 presentations and 29 posters eligible for the Pork CRC Awards
and the top five results in the Presentation and Poster categories were:


Oral Presentations - Averaged Scores


 Presentation Title


L Beale

Probiotics successfully limit the severity of post weaning diarrhoea


B Mullan

The response of female pigs to dietary lysine when fed a diet containing


R Hewitt

Birth weight influences final weight but not rate of growth of finisher pigs


A Weaver

Feeding gilts high fibre diets prior to mating improves oocyte quality


F McPherson

Semen factors associated with post-breeding sow responses


Poster Presentations - Averaged Scores


Poster Title


J Pluske

Sourcing cereal feed grains for pigs: what are the views of the supply


R van Barneveld

Semi-moist extruded creep feed improves intake of pigs post-weaning


K Moore

Available lysine: energy requirements for male pigs immunised against
gonadotrophin releasing hormone


A Edwards

Effect of dietary energy density on Ractopamine responses in finishing pigs


R Hewitt

Pig performance responds linearly to ractopamine dose





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Campbell, Mob 0407 774 714.


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