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Fri Jan 6 06:41:50 CET 2012

Hi All,

Three new science podcasts from Up Close <http://upclose.unimelb.edu.au/>,
hosted by the University of Melbourne, have recently been released.
Together, they cover a diverse range of topics from lung cancer and fatty
liver disease, to the human impact on global fish stocks. Follow the links
below to listen.

*Peak Fish: Rising human consumption of seafood and its

Fisheries scientists *Dr Tim Dempster* and *Dr Reg Watso*n discuss the
pressures on wild fish stocks and debate the role of aquaculture in feeding
an increasingly populous world. With science host Dr Dyani Lewis..

*Healthy moves: Exercise for cancer patients and insights into

In the first of our summer PhD episodes, physiotherapist Catherine Granger
talks about whether exercise is beneficial to lung cancer sufferers, and
Tommy Liu explains how mice are generating insights into arthritis in
humans. With science host Dr Dyani Lewis.

*Conditions of affluence and aging: Fatty liver disease, macular

Our second summer PhD episode looks at diseases of affluence and aging.
Physicians and doctoral students Dr Chris Leung and Dr Madeleine Adams
discuss their research into unravelling the causative factors behind fatty
liver disease and macular degeneration, respectively. Presented by Dr Dyani

Check out our other science (and humanities) episodes at

Up Close (http://upclose.unimelb.edu.au) is a weekly research, opinion and
analysis talk show that seeks to provide perspectives on research to the
educated generalist listener. Up Close has listeners in about 80 countries,
and every episode is available via download, on-demand streaming, from the
iTunes music store and via podcast.

Happy listening!


Dyani Lewis
Associate Producer, Science
Up Close Podcast

email: dlewis at unimelb.edu.au

website: upclose.unimelb.edu.au <http://www.upclose.unimelb.edu.au/>
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