[ASC-media] Melbourne: Colliding Ideas Symposium, Sunday 8 July

Jesse Shore jesse at prismaticsciences.com
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5 July, 2012  



'God particle' collides with art and society this Sunday


This week's announcement of the discovery of the Higgs boson, or 'God
particle' will collide with art and society this Sunday.


Colliding Ideas: Art, Society and Physics, a free public symposium at RMIT
University, City campus, Storey Hall, from noon to 5pm, will address the
social and creative parameters of the physical sciences.


The symposium is taking inspiration from the 36th International Conference
on High Energy Physics, also in Melbourne this week, where the discovery of
the 'god particle' was announced.


The symposium will feature key speakers from the European Organisation for
Nuclear Research (CERN) and the Australian Network for Arts & Technology,
alongside contemporary media and fine arts practitioners and theorists.


Symposium organiser, Chris Henschke, Artist in Residence at the Australian
Synchrotron and Lecturer, School of Media and Communication, said Colliding
Ideas would explore the dimensions of physics and ask what is going on in
there, how it relates to our social world, and how it affects us culturally
and physically.


"And, in such contexts, how do the perspectives of physicists relate to and
differ from those of artists and visual communicators who use physics-based
technologies," he said.


A series of talks and audio-visual presentations will be followed by a panel
discussion and question and answer session.


Registration starts at 11.30am and a light lunch and refreshments will be


For more information and to register your interest visit
<http://www.rmit.edu.au/collidingideas> www.rmit.edu.au/collidingideas



What: Colliding ideas: Art, society & physics - public symposium

When: Sunday, 8 July, 12pm-5pm, registration starts at 11.30am

Where: RMIT University, City Campus, Storey Hall, Level 5, 342 Swanston

Cost: Free



For interviews or comment: Chris Henschke (03) 9925 9563, (03) 9943 4956 or
chris.henschke at rmit.edu.au


For general media enquiries: RMIT University, Marketing and Communications,
Kevin Slack, 0439 499 008 or kevin.slack at rmit.edu.au 





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President, Australian Science Communicators 

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