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ICRS 2012 Media Update
Wednesday, July 11,
Here’s a hit list of newsworthy items to help you navigate today’s
proceedings. Be sure to check the daily Coral
Newsfor program updates and changes. Scroll to the bottom of this email for additional
information on covering the event.
Center Stage
9:30 – Press briefing 
Reefonomics: Experts explore the cultural and economic
drivers of the trade of live reef fish for food and aquariums, the impacts on
coral reef biodiversity and the potential solutions to overexploitation. Meeting Room 7, Press Briefing Room
11:00 – Press briefing 
Bottom-Up Conservation: Hear firsthand how countries
attempt to combine Western science, traditional practices and community
determination in marine resource management. Find out how this is applicable
across the globe. Meeting Room 7, Press
Briefing Room
Big Talk
8:30 – Plenary: Peter Kareiva, Chief Scientist and Vice President of The Nature
Conservancy, will share insights into whether corals arefragile or resilient and how the answer impacts
the way we should manage them.Plenary
Hall 2
Science Spotlight
Here’s a taste of the compelling science and research on the agenda

·      11:15– Paul Marshall
presents on an effort toshift toward a paradigm that explicitly integrates
biodiversity protection and livelihood outcomesto respond to climate change. Hall B
·      14:45 – Dirk Zeller
examines more than 60 years of estimated catch data for small scale fisheries
in over 20 Pacific island countries and territories as he underscores the
importance of these underreported fisheries to food security. Hall A
·      16:30 – Joshua Cinner gives an
evaluation of 43 fishery co-management arrangements across five countries that
demonstrate co-management is largely successful at meeting ecological and
social goals. Hall A
Online Buzz
All day on twitter and facebook, we're
going to be discussing "Reefonomics"  - can the world's demand
for reef species, both for food and aquariums be sustained? (#icrs2012 #fish).
Later on we're also going to
discuss bottom-up conservation, i.e. how do we combine western science with
community involvement in marine resource management? (#icrs2012
Top Tweets 
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twitter glory? Tweet about #ICRS2012 and your 140 characters could be featured
Tuesday's top tweets:

·      @GCITweet: Finding Nemo? Not far away from home... 50%
of juveniles come back to reefs where they were born #icrs2012
·      @DoddyRosadi: The future cost for conservation are so
much higher than the current cost, no matter how much you cut it #ICRS2012
·      @SheilaSarhangi:"The Great Barrier Reef is
well-managed, it's the threat that comes from the adjacent land." -Bob
Pressey, JCU #ICRS2012
Covering ICRS 2012
Even if you can’t attend every day or any day, you can still cover
ICRS 2012. Just visit www.icrs2012.com/mediaportalfor more details on
the press briefings. 
There will be a full-length video of each briefing posted about an
hour after its conclusion. In addition, you can find a photo bank of
high-resolution coral reef photos and b-roll videos to help you cover the
issues and science of ICRS 2012. Lastly, you will find ICRS 2012 press releases
and partner releases, plus other information you need to cover the world’s
premier coral reef conference.
Join the conversation via several social media
·      Twitter.com/ICRS2012
·      Facebook.com/ICRS2012
·      Linkedin.com/groups/ICRS2012
We’ll be tweeting live from the Symposium, so if
you want to get connected to us and others talking about coral reef issues, be
sure to use the #ICRS2012 hashtag. 

Melissa Lyne 
Australia and New Zealand Media Co-ordinator
12th International Coral Reef Symposium (ICRS 2012)
9-13 July 2012, Cairns, Australia
P: +61 415 514 328W: www.icrs2012.com
F: http://www.facebook.com/ICRS2012
T: http://www.twitter.com/ICRS2012
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