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Daily ICRS 2012 Media Update
Thursday, July 12, 2012
Here’s a hit list of newsworthy items to help you navigate today’s proceedings. Be sure to check the daily Coral News for program changes and updates. Scroll to the bottom for additional information on covering the event.
Center Stage
11:00 – Press briefing
What Big Critters Tell Us: Experts will give us a report card on big critters, such as reef sharks, dugongs and sea turtles, and talk about what steps need to be taken to restore and maintain the health of coral reefs. Meeting Room 7, Press Briefing Room 
12:30 – Press briefing
Reef Connections: New research shows the early travels of fish and coral larvae provide important lessons on how reefs should be managed, including information about the value of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). Meeting Room 7, Press Briefing Room
Big Talks
8:30 – Plenary
Helene Marsh, Professor of Environmental Science and Dean of Graduate Research Studies at James Cook University, examines what we know about dugongs and turtles, and how we can improve the health of these charismatic species. Plenary Hall 2
14:00 – Plenary
Madeleine van Oppen, the Director of the Centre of Marine Microbiology and Genetics at the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS), will answer the question: Can old corals learn new tricks? Plenary Hall 2
Science Spotlight
Here’s a taste of the compelling science and research on the agenda today:
·           9:30 – Yvonne Sadovy gives a report card on how we are doing in conserving fish reef fish spawning sites in light of the growing demand. Plenary Hall 2
·           11:15 – Nick Graham discusses appropriate science-based policy actions that can help society navigate reefs toward coral dominated states in the face of ongoing anthropogenic and climatic pressures. Hall D
·           15:30 – Lauretta Burke shares research that takes stock of the value of coral reefs to five Caribbean countries as the basis to increase incentives for better management. Hall C
Online Buzz
All day. Held via twitter and facebook, today’s discussion will focus on the affects of climate change on coral reefs, both now and in the future (#icrs2012 #reef), and whether the Coral Triangle Initiative is a model we can use for healthy reefs (#icrs2012 #coral).
Top Tweets. Fancy your chances at twitter glory? Tweet about #ICRS2012 and your 140 characters could be featured here.
Wednesday's top tweets:
·  @Earth_Times "Community based conservation success stories from the Pacific #ICRS -bit.ly/LeHleu @earthtimes @ICRS2012 #coralreefs
·    @worldresources "Reading - Coral Reef Emergency: 2,600 scientists call for worldwide rescue (@CCNWorldwide)#reefsatrisk #ICRS2012 bit.ly/M2nz5y"
·    @CoralSci: Dalal Al-Abdulrazzak spent 4 mos on Google Earth locating fishing gear to estimate unreported catch #ICRS2012
Covering ICRS 2012
Even if you can’t attend every day or any day, you can still cover ICRS 2012. Just visit www.icrs2012.com/mediaportal for more details on the press briefings.
There will be a full-length video of each briefing posted about an hour after its conclusion. In addition, you can find a photo bank of high-resolution coral reef photos and b-roll videos to help you cover the issues and science of ICRS 2012. Lastly, you will find ICRS 2012 press releases and partner releases, plus other information you need to cover the world’s premier coral reef conference.
Join the conversation via several social media platforms:
·           Twitter.com/ICRS2012
·           Facebook.com/ICRS2012
·           Linkedin.com/groups/ICRS2012
We’ll be tweeting live from the Symposium, and if you want to get connected to us and others talking about coral reef issues, be sure to use the #ICRS2012 hashtag.
Melissa Lyne 
Australia and New Zealand Media Co-ordinator
12th International Coral Reef Symposium (ICRS 2012)
9-13 July 2012, Cairns, Australia
P: +61 415 514 328W: www.icrs2012.com
F: http://www.facebook.com/ICRS2012
T: http://www.twitter.com/ICRS2012
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