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Pork CRC Media Release - March 8, 2012




Research projects demonstrating quality, system changing science that could
successfully be adopted by Australia's pork industry will be considered for
funding by the CRC for High Integrity Australian Pork, which called for
proposals on March 1.


The CRC's Expert Scientific Groups met in January and identified research
priorities, with most activities in the second round of funding directed at
Programs 2 and 4.


The CRC for High Integrity Australian Pork has four programs: 

1.      Confinement free sow and piglet management

2.      Herd health management 

3.      Healthy pork consumption

4.      Carbon-conscious nutrient inputs and outputs


Program 2 priorities include developing disease risk assessment systems, non
antibiotic disease amelioration strategies and reducing pathogen loads in
commercial facilities. 


Program 4 priorities include identifying and evaluating algal biomass as a
feed for pigs and maximising the efficiency of methane production from
anaerobic ponds. 


Project proposals must be lodged with the CRC by March 31, with appropriate
projects then recommended for funding by the Expert Scientific Groups on May
14 before being put to the CRC's Board in June, with successful applicants
advised thereafter.


Applicants wishing to respond to the call for projects should visit the Pork
CRC website www.porkcrc.com.au and then go to the relevant program link.


More details on project milestones and objectives and base-funded facilities
can be obtained from the website, or by contacting Pork CRC CEO, Dr Roger

Tel 08 8303 7683, or Research Manager, Graeme Crook, Tel 08 8303 7973.


Dr Campbell announced that the Pork CRC had again also allocated funding for
Innovation Awards. These 12 month projects, with budgets up to $50,000,
represent genuine innovation, may fill in knowledge gaps or investigate new
science or theories.


"The CRC for High Integrity Australian Pork is all about making a difference
and positioning the Australian pork industry and its products as high
integrity, welfare optimal, premium quality, safe, nutritious and highly
sought after here and overseas.


"Importantly, our pork also needs to be produced while conserving energy and
water, minimising greenhouse gas emissions and maintaining efficiency and
cost of production at a level that encourages investment, growth and
sustainability," Dr Campbell said.


Authorised by Pork CRC and issued on its behalf by 

Brendon Cant, Tel 08 9731 6739

<mailto:roger.campbell at porkcrc.com.au?subject=Media%20Release> Dr Roger
Campbell, Mob 0407 774 714

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