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Pork CRC Media Release - March 26, 2012




New Zealand pork producer Chris Trengrove has been appointed to the Board of
Directors of the CRC for High Integrity Australian Pork, replacing Sam
McIvor as the Board representative of Essential Participant, New Zealand


Formerly CEO of NZ Pork, Mr McIvor resigned from the Board on February 28,
after leaving NZ Pork to take up a position with a private meat business in


Announcing the appointment, Pork CRC Chairman, Dr John Keniry, said he
expected a smooth transition, as Mr Trengrove has been a Director of NZ Pork
for the past 15 years and was Chairman for nine years.


"Aside from owning and running a 450 sow piggery for the past 30 years in
partnership with wife Judith, Chris has other impeccable credentials for a
new Pork CRC Director, including a decade working in banking, five years
chairing the R&D Committee of NZ Pork and five years on the Massey
University/NZ Pork Consultative Committee.


"Significantly, Chris was also very supportive of NZ Pork's initial decision
to join the Pork CRC at its inception in 2005," Dr Keniry said.


Paying tribute to Mr McIvor's contribution since his appointment to the
Board of the former CRC for an Internationally Competitive Pork Industry in
June 2006, which transitioned last year into the CRC for High Integrity
Australian Pork, Dr Keniry said he brought much more to the table than just
the interests of trans-Tasman pork producers.


"Sam frequently brought a fresh outlook to Board discussions, offering a
perspective based on an excellent understanding of industry dynamics, in
particular how quality R&D, if consistently industry focussed, could enhance
the lot of producers.


"Although there are obvious synergies between Australia's and New Zealand's
pork industries, including a shared and uncompromising commitment to high
animal welfare standards, a robust exchange of intelligent ideas is always
welcome and I expect this will continue to be the case with Chris
Trengrove," Dr Keniry said.


The Pork CRC Board comprises Dr John Keniry (Chairman), Professor Robert van
Barneveld, Mr Rod Hamann, Mr Brian Halstead, Professor Simon Maddocks,
Professor John Pluske, Dr Hugh Wirth, Mr Kenton Shaw, Mr Andrew Spencer, Ms
Kathryn Adams and Mr Chris Trengrove.


The four research programs of the CRC for High Integrity Australian Pork

1.	Confinement free sow and piglet management
2.	Herd health management 

3.      Healthy pork consumption 

4.	Carbon-conscious nutrient inputs and outputs 





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Pork CRC Board NZ Appt.doc/RC260312



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