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COSMOS Magazine press release

ISSUE 49 OUT FRIDAY 8 FEB - Special issue: The 13 deadliest emerging diseases and catching the next lethal virus before it catches us out.

Please cite COSMOS Magazine as a source of these stories. To request an embargoed copy of these articles or arrange an interview please email jonathan at cosmosmagazine.com<mailto:jonathan at cosmosmagazine.com> or call 0403 782 134.

VIRUS OUTBREAK: 23-page special

The next contagion
As human populations grow, we're increasingly exposed to unknown, animal-borne diseases. When the next virus jumps the species barrier, can we catch it before it catches us? Zara Qadir investigates.

The perilous journey of a good idea
The path from scientific breakthrough to medical treatment is a hazardous one. Clare Pain examines how small biotech companies navigate the risks.

Reef remedies
The search for new drugs has largely ignored the potential plethora of pharmaceuticals within the oceans, but tapping into this wealth won't be easy, says Stephen Pincock.

Seeking the light
They can tell blue from red, night from day, and a sunny spring afternoon from the autumn gloom. Plants can see, says Daniel Chamovitz, but not quite like you and I do.

Sky-high astronomy
Sending balloons to the heady heights of the stratosphere may be a nail-biting exercise, says Ravi Sood, but the payoff in astronomical insight is worth the effort.

In pursuit of happiness
The neuroscientific nuances that shape our emotional repertoire have deep roots in evolution, writes Brett Szmajda.

Living in a quantum game
For scientists in the field of quantum information, the swirling chaos of space and the delicate intricacies of life are nothing more than a game. Pablo Arrighi and Jonathan Grattage explain.

The futility of denial
We may have already passed the point where we can limit global warming to reasonable levels, and it's time to face this truth, says Lawrence M Krauss.

COSMOS Magazine: The science of everything.

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Available in print, e-magazine and iPad formats.

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