[ASC-media] Prof Nalini Joshi announced as Maths of Planet Earth Ambassador

Emma Bland emma at amsi.org.au
Tue Feb 26 00:18:51 CET 2013

We are pleased to announce Prof. Nalini Joshi, Chair of the National Committee for Mathematics at Australian Academy of Science, as an Ambassador for the International Year of Mathematics of Planet Earth Australia. Except from her interview below

Why are you an ambassador for Maths of Planet Earth?
I try to be an ambassador for mathematics. For those who may not know about how beautiful and deeply essential mathematics is in our world, I hope that Mathematics of Planet Earth might provide a glimpse. Imagine a world without mathematics: there would be no mobile phones, no internet shopping, no CDs or DVDs, no DNA analysis, no climate modelling, no science. I want to convey to everyone the limitless possibilities of a future with mathematics.

Is it important for all Australians to be mathematically literate?
Absolutely. Many people say we don’t need it because we can rely on cash registers, calculators, calendars and computers. Even at the basic level, I am afraid this is not enough, because registers, machines and programs will always make mistakes or fail at some point. We will always need mathematically literate people to be alongside any instrument and we will always need people who can analyse and solve problems.  Read on -  http://mathsofplanetearth.org.au/nalini-joshi

February’s Maths of Planet Earth Australia is available here - http://www.icontact-archive.com/XaVRriljT8kO2fpTFVuivZrCUEVcNh_m?w=3

For more information on the Mathematics of Planet Earth Australia program - http://mathsofplanetearth.org.au<http://mathsofplanetearth.org.au/>
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