[ASC-media] Weighing the Earth with a Nobel Laureate: Friday 1 March 9am

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Media alert: launch: 9 am, Friday 1 March 2013
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Do you weigh more in Melbourne or Canberra?
Find out at the launch of a national project in which students and the public will:
*         weigh the Earth; and,
*         discover how your weight changes (just a little) as you travel around the country.
With Nobel Prize winner Brian Schmidt and students
Albert Park College, 83 Danks St, Albert Park, Vic
School kids follow Galileo to measure local gravity

Australia's 2011 physics Nobel Laureate, Professor Brian Schmidt, will launch a national physics experiment on Friday at a Melbourne high school.

Brian will introduce Year 9 students at Albert Park College to a classic experiment first performed by Galileo, and together they'll make the first contributions to a new dataset that may even be able to tell you where in Australia you should go if you want to weigh less.

Over the year, the Australian Institute of Physics hopes to involve thousands of people around the country.


The experiment is called 'The BIG little g project' and is open to people around Australia to participate-all you need is a home-made pendulum, a tape measure and a stop watch.

Associate Professor Andrew Greentree, Vice-Chancellor's Senior Fellow at RMIT in Melbourne will compile the data to build a map of Australia's gravitational field that in some areas will be more sensitive than current maps. "The most sensitive maps of little g are made with NASA satellites," says Andrew. "They get down to a resolution of around 100km, but we'd like to measure Earth's gravitational field to resolutions of around 100m".


9-9.30am: Brian Schmidt and Andrew Greentree will introduce and demonstrate the project to the school students

9.30-10am: Brian, Andrew and students will be available for interview, filming and pics while they do their project

10-10.30am: Project results and wrap-up

10.30 ENDS

Please go to reception at Albert Park College on arrival.

The project is being organised by the Australian Institute of Physics to celebrate their 50th anniversary. The Australian Institute of Physics supports professional physicists and promotes all aspects of physics to the wider community.

More information on the BIG little g project is at www.aip.org.au/littleg<http://www.aip.org.au/littleg>

Please contact Margie Beilharz on 0415 448 065 or margie at scienceinpublic.com.au<mailto:margie at scienceinpublic.com.au> if you'd like to attend or arrange an interview.

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