[ASC-media] Doggie Dementia a clue to curing human Alzheimer’s

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*Our canine pals are once again going beyond the call of duty, with a
world-first study of ‘Doggy Dementia,’ being showcased in Hobart today set
to pave the way for clinical human dementia trials.*

At the Alzheimer’s Australia 15th National Conference, The University of
Sydney DOGS+CELLS Trial led by Professors McGreevy and Valenzuela will
profile their work to discover whether a dog’s brain can be grafted with
its own skin cells to help cure Canine Cognitive Dysfunction*, *(CCD)* *a
dementia-like syndrome.

CCD is a progressive and terminal condition characterised by memory loss,
abnormal movement and disorientation and as these symptoms worsen over
time, it causes distress and suffering to both the companion animal and
their owners.

As well as being devastating to the human-animal bond, CCD also has
important similarities to human Alzheimer’s dementia which means the study
could have implications for treating dementia in humans through
regenerative neuroscience.

The researchers say that their work to date shows that transplanting
particular cells from the dog’s own skin to its brain may work wonders in
restoring brain function and if successful, the dog trial will pave the way
for similar clinical human trials.

The study will be presented in an Educational Breakfast Seminar as part of
the Alzheimer’s Australia 15th National Conference.

*Guest Speakers*

·         Professor Paul McGreevy, Faculty of Veterinary Science,
University of Sydney

·         Professor Michael Valenzuela, Human dementia specialist and
leader of Regenerative Neuroscience Group at the Brain and Mind Research
Institute, University of Sydney

*Media invited to attend*

‘Doggie Dementia’ Educational Breakfast Seminar

Basic Science, Diagnosis and Management of Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

A satellite meeting of Alzheimer’s Australia 15th National Conference

Thursday 16 May 2013

07:00am – 08:30am

Hotel Grand Chancellor, 1 Davey Street Hobart

For further enquiries regarding the Alzheimer’s 15th National Conference,
visit www.alzheimers2013.com

*Media enquiries*

Paula Leishman, Leishman Associates

0412 875 390
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