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Dear ASCees

Environmental decision making, at its heart, is all about ranking options. You’ve got a range of projects to choose between, which ones should get priority? Sounds easy, but there’s a lot of Devil in the detail. In this issue of Decision Point, we help you exorcise some of those demons.

Check it out for yourself at http://www.decision-point.com.au/

In issue #75 you'll find the following stories:

1. When ranking environmental projects
David Pannell outlines nine straightforward steps for  ranking projects – page 4

2. How do global priorities stack up when the heat is on?
Tak Iwamura uses the climate stability index to test global conservation priorities – page 6

3. Being climate smart
A discussion on cost-effective conservation in a time of climate change – page 7

4. Priority threat management of invasive plants in the Lake Eyre Basin
Experts rank projects to save Australia’s ‘heart’ from weed infestation – page 8

5. Koala gene flow across landscapes
Using genetic connectivity across landscapes to save the koala in SE Queensland – page 10

6. Incorporating feasibility of conservation action into planning
Morena Mills considers what’s ‘feasible’ in the Solomons – page 12

7. Reflections on the 2013 Biennial CEED Conference
September 2013, St Lucia campus, Uni of Queensland – page 14

8. Research briefs
When to move species threatened by climate change; mixed plantings vs monocultures for carbon; and sea level rise to whack migratory shore birds – see page 3

So, make a sound decision for yourself, download your copy today, print it out and take it away to read at your leisure (and then pass it on to a friend to justify the fact that you printed it out).


David Salt
Decision Point

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