[ASC-media] Your first hug revealed; how golden staph 'nukes' your immune system; and test your ears now

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A couple of Nature papers published today, and a launch in Melbourne tomorrow.

For interviews and more info, contact me on niall at scienceinpublic.com.au<mailto:niall at scienceinpublic.com.au>, 0417 131 977.


How does golden staph nuke your immune system?

Drug-resistant golden staph kills more people than tuberculosis and AIDS put together.

Researchers led by Sydney's Centenary Institute have figured out how golden staph paralyses our immune defences and how the killer bacteria get around the skin's immune defences.


Your first hug... how the early embryo changes shape, captured on camera.

When you were an embryo, just 8-cells large, your eight roundish cells did something they had never done before - something that would determine whether you survived or failed. They changed their shape.

It may seem simple enough, but this shaping process is essential for embryo success. And the timing of the process has been linked to success in IVF.


Tomorrow morning at 10.30 am

Test your hearing now online with a test that should replace the 70-year-old 'beep' test.

Invented in Melbourne, it's needed to reach the four million Australians whose quality of life is dropping because they're losing contact with family, co-workers and the community.

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