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Dear ASCees

Managers of the environment are routinely faced with making complex decisions with little information, few resources and high levels of uncertainty. It’s a tough ask, but that’s their job. This issue of Decision Point will hopefully provide them with a bit of support. It’s all about making environmental decisions in the real word – what are the frameworks and models that can help you reach a robust and transparent decision.

Check it out for yourself at http://www.decision-point.com.au/

In issue #74 you'll find the following stories:

1. A model solution for good conservation
Prue Addison explains how to make models indispensable in conservation decision-making – page 4

2. A decision framework driven by the decision makers
Structured Decision Making in environmental management – page 6

3. A camping we will go
Kelly Hunt de Bie discusses how SDM can inform management of recreational impacts on a national park – page 6

4. Trampling through the intertidal
Exploring management thresholds for Victoria’s marine national parks – page 8

5. Shaking the status quo
How SDM can provide decision support for a large, multi-faceted rsource allocation problem – page 10

6. The manager’s perspective
Parks Victoria and SDM – page 11

7. The evidence on adaptive management
Everyone is talking about it, says Martin Westgate, but how many are actually doing it – page 12

8. Five objections to using decision science in conservation
Hugh Possingham names five common objections (and why they are wrong) – page 14

9. Research briefs
SDM for wildlife disease outbreaks; why INFFER?; and translocation in a time of climate change – see page 3

So, make a sound decision for yourself, download your copy today, print it out and take it away to read at your leisure (and then pass it on to a friend to justify the fact that you printed it out).


David Salt
Decision Point

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