[ASC-media] Media Alert: Brighter future for working dogs (because science!)

Mia Cobb mia.cobb at gmail.com
Sun Oct 13 18:22:20 PDT 2013

*Landmark canine conference to bridge the gap between science and industry*

*Currently, inefficient practices within the working and sporting dog
industry produce an average fail rate of 50-70%, often coming at the cost
of the well being and lives of Australia’s hero dogs. By strengthening the
dialogue between scientific and industry bodies, the Australian Working Dog
Alliance aims to improve both access to and relevance of research being
done in this domain.*****

Please see attachment for full media release.****

Best regards,****

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*Mia Cobb*

Director  |  Working Dog Alliance Australia****

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info at workingdogalliance.com.au | 0407 355 320 |

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[image: header]****

*Australian Working Dog Conference 4-5 Nov. 2013: details on our

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