[ASC-media] A portable blood lab; prostate cancer's Achilles heel; breast cancer and menstruation

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Dear ASCers,

Three stories from us today:

*         One in Tasmania - a clever little widget using controlled lighting for personal drug testing.

*         A story from Sydney's Centenary Institute on starving prostate cancer.

*         And from Adelaide - how at certain stages of the menstrual cycle your immune cells may make you more susceptible to breast cancer. University of Adelaide
issued the release last Thursday.

And next week is StarFest in Coonabarabran. The local bowling club is hosting a Nobel Laureate (Brian Schmidt), a Prime Minister's Science Prize winner (Ken Freeman), with the head of Mt Stromlo (Matthew Colless) and Fred Watson. More on that at www.aao.gov.au<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001wbHqkLfgETkHdDoV6awN7QKoD31C2BMVGnDpYbfhP9U93tb9LknHxj79rMhmQrG2szAP3rRpt1XM1mhFJicVgDuv9AIXOe77TjlB58snJPSDMVJoOW1_FsD5QFTJFUmUNLzrObie9AMAohVh91CfqYt_lRDZhWKYSNgR46DGHTg=&c=Mjv4WB9lo1mJWyGU5yr-1pBdqaB2ayIcKccXTCw8QBiI9gWpgUH-jw==&ch=ZltZQD5in6rw1vQS1HNLoAQGJH3R__MYWBOnq8A89FtTQrsCN0sWAw==>

Full details of these stories on our website at: http://www.scienceinpublic.com.au/bulletins/media-24-sep-13



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